On behalf of everyone at SharpCard, I would like to welcome you to the SharpCard Circle, and hope that you benefit from it as much as our other SharpCard holders.

SharpCard holders receive enormous discounts with all sorts of businesses: from travel agents to car hire companies, from restaurants to hotels, from jewellers to florists, and from golf clubs to dry cleaners.

The SharpCard directory/website is a veritable ‘yellow pages’ of savings.

All you need to do to start benefiting from our guaranteed great savings is sign and put your card in your wallet, familiarise yourself with (www.sharpcard.ie) / plus Directory, and keep a look out for the SharpCard stickers wherever you shop (and the logo when you are online).

In our Directory/Website (www.sharpcard.ie) you will find two categories of businesses from which you will receive discounts -

1. Card-accepting businesses - found in the listings.
2. Voucher-accepting businesses - found as removable vouchers.

We have designed the directory and website to be very user friendly. You should think about putting it in your handbag, your briefcase, and/or your glove compartment (especially for those now-more-affordable-thanks-to-SharpCard holidays!).

Please do contact us at SharpCard head office if you have any queries or suggestions for new outlets for our 2020 directory/ website. In the meantime, may great times come from your great savings.

For more info call +353 1 2352926 / +353 86 8407666 or email info@sharpcard.ie