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Rules of Use

1. Remember to sign your SharpCard on receipt.

2. Bring the Card every time you go out, particulary when you visit a participating retailer. The card identifies you as a member and entitles you to great savings.

3. Present your membership card before your bill is totalled to receive your discount.

4. When dining only one card / coupon may be used for every 2 people, up to a maximum of 3 cards / coupons per party.

5. When contacting by telephone (e.g. when booking a table) always identify yourself as a SharpCard holder.

6. You may not combine the SharpCard offer with any other discount or special offer.

7. Hotel Savings 

          50% off rack rates
          10% off promotional rates

           Here's how to save up to 50% off rack rates :
          - Choose a hotel from your SharpCard Directory/Website
          - Make advance reservation
          - When making reservation identify yourself as a SharpCard holder-quoting your card number and expiry date
          - When a hotel projects 80% occupancy it is considered full, you will then receive at least a 10% discount
          - Confirm your reservation and rate
          - Check-in and present your SharpCard
          - Enjoy your stay!!

8. Credit & Debit cards accepted are listed under retailer's entry in the directory/website. Cards not listed may not be accepted at time of going to print.  Please check with retailer.

9. All information was current at the time of printing and is expected to be effective through to the expiry of the directory /website.

10. Participating retailers can be obtained from our website www.sharpcard.ie
For more info call +353 1 2352926 / +353 86 8407666 or email info@sharpcard.ie