SharpCard - the Truly Flexible Card

There is no better way to inject a bit of extra life and bring new blood into a club than by turning membership of the club into a route to unrivalled savings. SharpCard can do just that - with its dual Membership and Savings Card.

SharpCard is a tried and tested discount programme, offering the flexibility that allows each application to be customised to a different set of needs. From putting the SharpCard logo onto your membership card (thereby getting access to the savings) to leveraging your member's purchasing power to get discounts from specific retailers to suit your member's needs, we can transform your club into a dynamic and impressive organisation.
The SharpCard is tried and tested over many years as a Membership Card, as a Customer Loyalty Card and used as the basis of Employee Incentive Programmes.

Brand it
You can brand it with your company’s name (or your shop’s name, or your club’s name), or you can brand your own card with the SharpCard logo and get access to the SharpCard savings.

Distribute it
You can sell it on, give it away, use it as a membership card or offer it as an incentive or bonus to employees.

Save with it
However you utilize it, SharpCard gives your members/associates/colleagues/staff unrivalled savings on a great range of desirable goods and services.

The Company

For some years now SharpCard has been providing its clients savings across all sectors … on shopping, motoring, leisure, home entertainment, hotels, restaurants, travel, sports, golf clubs etc.

The Retailers

SharpCard retailers offer high value discounts to SharpCard holders and Membership Cards that carry the SharpCard logo.
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