• Broader Customer Base
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Profits
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Decreased Need for Big Marketing Budgets
  • Heightened Profile in Market Place
  • Increase Market Awareness
  • Optomise Advertising & Promotion Budgets
  • Cards can be Customised
  • New Business and... much more...

SharpCard Services

You’ve heard the advice before: "Reward your best customers. Give existing customers a good reason to come back to you again and again. Give new customers every reason to choose you above anyone else."

In an increasingly competitive environment, customer loyalty programmes are an essential activity for all retail businesses, a proven way of retaining your customers, generating new business from existing customers and attracting brand new customers. SharpCard is very favourably positioned to help you set up such a customer loyalty programme tailored to your business.

SharpCard offers a flexibility that allows each application to be customised to a different set of needs. From putting your logo on our much sought-after Holiday Travel Voucher to providing you with exclusive database information on your customers’ purchasing activity, we can help make your business the most attractive option for existing and new customers.


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